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PROTAL Protex Cotton

PROTAL Protex Cotton

Waxman Fibres Limited are experts in Flame Retardant fibres, blends and technologies with over 50 years experience. They are leading developers of new blended products for future generations of protective clothing. Operating in all areas of FR textiles including home furnishings, non woven solutions etc.

Protal is the next generation of inherently Fire Resistant PPE solutions from Waxman Fibres with a new next generation super high performance Protex fibre. The new high performance Protex fibre is intimately blended with long-staple combed cotton without any chemical treatment giving Protal its unparalleled soft, natural touch and appearance. The balanced blend of fibres allows the resulting fabric to have highly effective moisture management properties.

Protal inherent flame resistant properties will not deteriorate or diminish, they are built into the fabric providing comfort with no loss in performance even after repeated laundering.

Protal garments are the result of Waxman Fibres partnership program with quality control of fibre all the way to finished garments. It’s an assurance of outstanding quality, protection and compliance. All genuine Protal products carry the Protal identification label.