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New PROTAL 3 Knits

New PROTAL 3 Knits

LS International now has available through the Waxman Fibres PROTAL partnership programme a new PROTAL 3 knit high performance blend. Protal 3 takes modacrylic blends to a new technical level, specifically designed for a multi-risk avoidance, offering improved fabric strength. This is an alternative to the more traditional Pique and is dyed using another process adding to its versatility and current availability.

Features and Benefits of Protal® 3

Inherently FR

  • Permanent FR performance for lifetime of the garment
  • Does not wash out
  • Increased FR performance - EN 11612 A2 achievable
  • No chemical treatments or re-treatments
  • More environmentally friendly than treatments
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Added security (safety)
  • No loss of mechanical properties
  • More comfortable than treated cotton

Patent Protected Blend

  • Unique invention technology
  • Security against copying

Blending Fibre

  • Multi fibre blend
  • Light weight with high strength

Technical Fibre Blend

  • Intimate, multi fibre blend
  • Strictly controlled
  • Partner spinners only
  • Managed supply chain only
Easily Dyed
  • Hi-visibillity yellow and orange
  • Multiple shades available
  • Cationic dyes for cost effective dyeing
  • Good colour fastness for longer life
  • Good batch to batch consistency