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FR Fabrics Choice

FR Fabrics Choice

There are now many options of FR fabrics to choose from when looking for heat and flame protection. Protal® Protex® Cotton fabrics, aramid fibre solutions and chemically treated fabrics are all popular choices. Conformance, Comfort and Weight are big considerations for user acceptance depending on the risk assessment, application and budget.

Protal® Protex® Cotton fabrics

  • • more comfortable to wear next to the skin
  • • more breathable and can wick moisture away from the skin
  • • more cost effective and offers an inherently flame retardant solution, more affordable to more users in the market
  • • piece dyeable in the fabric offers more flexibility in colours available including high visibility garments


  • • high levels of protection are available, designed not just for industry use but for higher protection applications such as the fire service
  • • can be very expensive due to the performance offered
  • • offers good levels of comfort
  • • there is a limitation to the number of colours available

Chemically Treated

  • • comply with relevant EN standards for heat and flame at a budget price
  • • do not offer permanent protection ie. can be washed out
  • • often heavier weight fabrics to comply with standards making them uncomfortable to wear
  • • chemical treatment tends to give off an unpleasant smell

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